A co-ordinate is essentially a 2-piece clothing set of matching color or print(or both). The co-ordinate look has been seen all over the fashion blogs,in plenty of shops and hopefully will be seen in my closet soon. A few bloggers who have been spotted wearing co-ords includes:

When I saw those co-ord oriented posts it made me feel so much better to learn I'm not the only one obsessed with them! When I bring up the idea of wearing co-ords, sometimes I get side-eyes and "hmm, that's a bit much" or "that look is doing the most". I understand, co-ords are typically filled with a lot of print and a lot of color, but that's half their charm!

A co-ord requires courage, in such a look you're bond to stand out and you need to be comfortable with that reality.Sooner or later you're going to stand out either way, whether it's with your appearance or with your brilliant personality. The truth is you're not meant to blend in, so if you're going to stand out you might as well stand out in a way you like, and a way I'd like to stand out is in one of those co-ord pieces.

I have a few looks picked out below, ranging from subtle to statement.

The Courageous Co-Ord

The Courageous Co-Ord by deejaystyles featuring Topshop

If these looks aren't enough to convert you feel free to take some tips from our resident co-ord Queen, Solange Knowles!


Hopefully this post encourages to take the chance on something new and to believe in yourself enough to know you can handle bolder pieces. Peace, love and fashion freedom!

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  1. YES Solo!!! I actually just bought a few! Can’t wait to style and post on my blog :)


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