Every blogger at one point or another has taken a break from their writing schedule.It's necessary to take a break now and then to get inspired, reassess some goals, and to generally relax.Part of the reason this blog even exists is because I needed a break from my personal blog, and started this one to get re-inspired.Although taking a break is a healthy part of the content creating process, it's a bit hushed over and not necessarily encouraged. In fact, many bloggers have even expressed feeling guilty when they don't post frequently,I used to be one of them.

Don't feel guilty for taking a break from blogging, especially if you blog as a hobby and not an occupation. You may feel like you're letting down your readers and supporters but if you notify them that you need a break in order to keep from burning out, they will understand. If you lose some readers during your hiatus, that's on them,YOU CAN'T CONTROL WHO STAYS AND DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. 

If you notice you start losing readers during your break period, don't fret. The readers who leave have no say so in your brief vacation, nor do they have any control in it.You must remember you blog for yourself, because you want to do it.The mass or lack of readers you have doesn't determine your blog schedule, you do.If you leave the blogging world for a bit or permanently, that is a decision entirely up to you, you're the boss of your blog-not someone else.

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