Everyone has gone through style crazes where you find yourself consistently drawn to a certain trend or fashion item.We see the trend or item everywhere and feel compelled to add it to our closet. We're living in a consumer based society where shopping is encouraged so it's easy to get caught up in a craze, but when is it time to say no?
   Here are a few ways to determine if you need to slow down your fashion obsession:

1.You accidentally bought triples of the same exact piece.
2.Your wardrobe is starting to look like a complacent uniform, kind of like how a cartoon character's clothes never change.
3.Your friends and family are starting to nickname you after the trend or clothing you're obsessed with.
4.Instead of budgeting your money around your bills, you decided to budget it around your new style obsession.

      Now that we've determined a few warning signs, lets look at how to get you out of this style obsession.One way to get out of our new style obsession is to get inspired in a new way.If you typically go to Tumblr for style inspiration, check out a different platform and use other keywords besides the ones you use to stalk your style obsession. Get inspired by style from another era like the 70s or 80s to loosen the grip your current style obsession has on you.
       Another method for fighting your style obsession is to go  cold turkey and stop shopping altogether.Putting yourself on a shopping ban definitely puts things in perspective as window shopping becomes a main priority.Become a style browser and you'll notice things you probably didn't before.
     Ultimately, to break the hold of your style obsession you must be able to recognize a problem and be self motivated to solve the issue.A style obsession will keep your closet stagnant, and in the moment it won't seem like a problem...until you decide you want something new but can't get out of your own style cycle.Struggling with a style obsession and wanting versatility contradict each other so remember why you're trying to make a change and how it'll be worth it in the end.

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