We decided to flashback on the Summer fashion of 2014, seeing as how our Summer holiday is quickly coming to an end.Before Fall completely embraces us with it's golden rod coated fingertips, we want to reminisce about the most popular Summer style trends and how to remix them for the Fall.

Summer Style Trend #1- The Envelope Skort
The envelope skort burst onto the scene earlier this year and carried over into the Summer.You could find many people wearing a matching skort and shirt combo this season. The simple and abstract piece became a key item for monochrome looks(which was also massively popular).
Although this skort's popularity is starting to die down, we still see potential for it in the Fall. I know you're worried about how yor gams will due wearing such a short piece in the Fall but we've got you covered.If you want to wear your favorite skort through the Fall we've got 4 words for you... LAYER FOR YOUR LIFE!
We suggest with the two looks below that you wear leggings or tights underneath your skort and possibly invest in some high knee(or thigh high boots) to pair with them.

The Skort


Summer Style Trend #2-Palm Tree Print
Palm tree print flew onto the scene and on virtually every midi skirt,legging, and shirt possible.I enjoy this print because it reminds me of an island or California(both of which I desperately want to visit).This wouldn't be the first time we've expressed our love for this tropical print, it has its own spotlight in this floral print dedicated post,
Palm tree print is fun and chill so why does it have to disappear with the new season?We've got news for you, that palm tree print can stay as long as you want.We suggest pulling out the palm tree print for edgy or party looks.

Palm Trees Sway


Summer Style Trend #3-Kimono
The kimono was an excellent , light layer to put on over your outfit.We've seen many colorful kimonos this season paired croptops and bralets. We suggest swapping the kimono in for a batwing cardigan for thicker piece to layer your outfit in.



Summer Style Trend #4-Daisy Print
Daisy print bloomed with the arrival of the 90s trend and began sprouting everywhere.Daisy print crop tops,cami dresses, and skater skirts adorned the closet of every floral print loving girl and we see why. Daisy print typically consists of yellow,white and black which lays the blueprint for a variety of outfit combinations.The yellow in the daisy is that subtle touch of color in an otherwise monochrome look, and you can still experiment with the black and white in the print with other pops of color like bright pinks,red and different textures from faux leather,crochet and lace.



Summer Style Trend #5 Flatforms
Flatforms became this Summer's favorite shoe(and the controversial Birkenstocks, but we'll discuss those later).Flatforms provide height without any hurting feet.You could see flatforms paired with rompers, skinny jeans, cut-off shorts and  anything else.

Flatform Life


That's it for this week's top 5 Summer style trends!Leave a comment below for a trend suggestion that may be featured in next week's segment.By the way let us know about a trend you have yet to try this Summer, we want to encourage you to go out and give it a try while you can! Looking for a place to get some of these pieces feel free to shop the Summer Style cart, designed just for you!

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