Summer Style Trend #1- Crochet pieces became apart of the beach babe wardrobe this season.From crochet shorts,bags and tops this detailed fabric became most desired for its daintiness and neutral color.If you don't want to let this trend go we encourage you to keep the trend alive with accessories and finding things with crochet details.

Crochet Details

Crochet Details by deejaystyles featuring a rhinestone bracelet

Summer Style Trend #2-Dolphin shorts were the "hot Summer day" go to that nearly put high waisted shorts out of business.The name "dolphin" comes from the company that made the shorts named, Dolfin Swimwear that extendee itself in into running gear,hence these shorts.This style of short became massively popular in the 80s and we see why the made a comeback.The shorts come in virtually every color,print, and sometimes adorned in bits of lace with tiny tassles.

Dolphin Shorts Status

Dolphin Shorts Status by deejaystyles featuring black evening clutches

Summer Style Trend#3-Lemon print is a gorgeous addition to this print dominating season.The bright yellow of the print serves as  constant touch of color.The brightness of this print made it a winner this Summer(and in our hearts).We declare the Fall shall be a time where lemon print reigns supreme, because even though the season calls for fashion  to get darker,that doesn't mean we're going to follow the rules.

Bright Bits

Bright Bits by deejaystyles featuring a white skirt

Summer Style Trend #4-Laser cut sandals scream chicness.The intricate detail of the patterns on these shoes are made to make STATEMENTS.Laser cut sandals put your everyday flip flop to shame,this style of shoe is powerful.

Laser Cut Cutie

Laser Cut Cutie by deejaystyles featuring pointy toe shoes

Summer Style Trend#5- Mesh details came onto the scene as the best friend to the sports luxe trend.Mesh details were paired in patches onto shoes,sweat shirts and dresses.We'd love to see this trend transition its way to the Fall on jackets and coats.

Mesh Much?

Mesh Much? by deejaystyles featuring bowling bags

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