I decided to come up with a new fashion tag!The tag is pretty simple.Think of an item you've worn in the Summer but don't see yourself wearing in the Fall or Winter and write(or film)a tribute to it.My tribute is written in letter form below, I tag everyone to join in and get creative.

Dear skater skirt,
You were one of the most versatile and worn pieces this Summer has ever seen.From being worn casually with sneakers and chambray tie knot shirts to being dressed up with elaborate chunky jewelry or given an edge when paired with spiked platform heels, there was nothing you couldn't do.Skater skirt, you became an honorable part of the Summer time uniform!
With all of this being said, it will be hard to say goodbye to you with the oncoming colder weather. Perhaps we'll see each other again during a warm day in Fall and I can introduce you to my collection of thick stockings.My dear friend, you have become an essential part of my Summer holiday which is sadly coming to a close.I wish you all the best, my friend the skater skirt.

Let me know if you do this tag,I would love to check out everyone's interpretations! By the way if you're feeling the skater skirt look, you can always check out my cart to see if I'm adding to my collection below

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