Are you bored with your clothes?Why not add a little fantasy and imagination to your wardrobe?We have 5 simple tips for adding that creative factor to your look again!

  1. Go thrift shopping.When you go to thrift stores you're bound to encounter almost anything from a wild vintage blazer to a Motown inspired sequin dress number.The thrift store is great at finding simple pieces,but there's no denying the greatness that jumps out at you.

  2. Watch your favorite music videos.Some music videos are stocked high with performance gear,set up to look like everyday wear.Get inspired by your fave video and look at how  they attempt to make the extraordinary a little more ordinary.One of my favorite videos to watch when I'm stumped is Still Into You by Paramore.From Hayley's pastel pink lips,assortment of Doc Martens and frilly skirts I'm inspired for at least the next few days.

  3. Add costume jewelry to your look, it'll put you in a different mindset every time you look at it.I know when I'm wearing some edgy piece like a skull ring,scorpion embedded cuff, or snake necklace I feel like I can kick someone's ass.If I'm sporting some gorgeous body chain, or super elegant emerald coated ring,I feel like royalty.Let your jewelry take you to another land.

  4. Buy a tulle skirt,now.A tulle skirt is what twirlimg was made for!The tulle skirt brings out the inner Queen in all of us, with its fullness and vintage form.

  5. Watch your favorite movie from when you were a child.This last one may sound a bit off, but hear me out.When we're children our imaginations are in a constant state of use and we're drawn to different things as a result.I've witnessed many people pull inspiration for an outfit from a kid's movie that was translatable to an everyday outfit!For example, if you're favorite movie as a child was Aladdin, take a few tips from Princess Jasmine and buy a pair of cool trouser pants or get creative with your next headband and the way you wear it.What you do with your inspiration is up to you, just know that there is inspiration to be had out there.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help put the creative power back into your look,to help you stand out like the original you are.
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  1. She has a pet tiger which automatically made her bad ass so of course her wardrobe should be too :)


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