Shopping is a critical part of the fashion enthusiast experience.We decided to share 5 quick tips to improve your shopping experience.
1. Wear comfortable shoes,don't let your shopping adventure end shortly because your feet hurt.
2.Put on your favorite makeup.No matter what you try on in the fitting room at least your face is beat.
3.Play your favorite playlist whether in the car or with low volume to stay pumped as you start your style hunt.(Bonus tip: don't blast your music in store, sometimes the store's employees will let you know about clearances and sales, so make sure you can hear them.)
4.Check out this list of fashion inspiration apps below:
  • is where #ootds come to meet and express their chicness.
  • Nylon Magazine is where you can see style inspo and the latest info on things like entertainment,music and your favorite celebs.
  • Seventeen Magazine's app has style,fashion,and discounts-need I say more.
  • Pose's App is filled with real outfit inspiration, and style shots galore!
5. Have moments of self love.Ignore the number sizes on your clothes and remember you are not defined by the size of your clothes.Remind your self you are shopping to adorm your temple, not to belittle it.
    I hope you enjoyed our 5 tips for a successful shopping experience.Make sure you're feeling confident,comfortable and inspired.

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