I don't know about you but it's getting severely cold outside.The brisk air was biting left and right as I made it from building to building at my university.I began to think about the various styles of jackets that would soon be modeled on the backs of my peers and teachers.
I've always considered how a person picks out their outerwear to reveal a bit of their personality.It can be difficult finding the right jacket to express your personal style while also staying within a specific budget.I decided to share my top 5 jackets under 50 dollars to aid in the oncoming outerwear hunt.

5 Jackets Under 50 dollars

  • Jackets with quilted details emerged from the birth of the sports luxe trend.Quilted details are an unexpected touch in an otherwise classic jacket.You typically see quilted details along small areas of a coat such as the shoulders or elbows, but we're all a lot more familiar with seeing quilted details adorning a Chanel bag. No one is expecting such a soft touch such as the quilted detail to dominate, but it appears it has plans to do just that this season.

  •        Bold colored leather jackets are made for risk takers.We suggest stepping out in a bright blue or loud red leather jacket to make loud statement.With such a bold colored jacket you have to go all in and be willing to possibly stand out, but you were born for a spotlight anyway so we know this doesn't bother you.#OurSupportersandReadersKickAss

  •      The floral print bomber jacket is a fun twist on a classic piece.The floral print is youthful and fun, while also helping us remember what flowers look like as it appears they're disappearing with the arrival of Fall.

  •      The pastel coat is for the loverof all things feminine and fresh. These sweet bubble gum inspired coats are great for someone who enjoys soft undertones to their look.

  •      The varsity styled jacket is for the preppy kid in all of us.You can take this classically high school element and make it whatever you want.The versatility of the varsity jacket is more than attractive it's downright seductive.

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