Recently, I saw a young woman about my size on Instagram who was wearing a crop top that showed just a few bits of her mid riff she paired the top with jeans and looked quite cute.I liked the picture in support of her act of fabulousness.Later on that day I pulled out one of the crop tops I ownz(which was stowed away in the back of my dresser) grabbed a comfortable pair of jeans and looked in the mirror.The second I looked at my reflection with bits of my fluffy belly revealed, I grew sick.I tore my own appearance apart. I grabbed at the flesh on my stomach like it was a parasite sucking me of my right to feel beautiful. Uncomfortable doesn't seem like the appropriate word for how I felt.Looking at my outfit and my body in it, felt like an out of body experience instead of being my own best friend, I became my own worse enemy. It immediately hit me that there's something severely wrong with this way of perspective.

     How could I look at another young woman, around my age and see her displaying amazing amounts of fierceness and then when I act on my fierceness it goes all wrong.I decided to analyze this phenomenon.The only difference between myself and that young woman is how I treat myself versus how I treat other people.Have you ever compared how you treat other people to how you treat yourself?When you look in the mirror and begin to criticize yourself-STOP and ask yourself would you critique someone else the same way?I know for a fact that I would never look at someone and call them an eye sore, but I've done that to myself.I'm understanding what it means to treat yourself like your own best friend and to be nice to yourself.

      The next time you go shopping and start having a fight with yourself in the mirror of the fitting room,view yourself with kinder eyes.You can be honest with how you see yourself without being disrespectful and hurting your confidence.When you view yourself do it with compassion and great care because at the end of the day,how you view yourself ultimately matters the most. 

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