The acid wash jean trend started out in the 60s and was loved by surfers for their lived in, authentic appeal.Believe it or not these surfers were some of the first acid wash DIY-ers. Their methods included soaking the jeans in salt water and being laid out in the Sun, this process took a bit long so other methods included using diluted bleach and sand to roughen up the jeans.

The modern process of acid washing was patented by the Rifle jeans company-by mistake.The jeans were washed with pumice stones and a weak solution of bleach without water to scrape and beat up the material.

The jeans started off as a surfer's uniform,became a washing mistake and ultimately stole the hearts of grunge lovers everywhere.The jeans were worn pretty simply back then just like now.Although the trend is typically worn with minimalism, that isn't going to stop us from recreating this trend.Below we have 3 interpretations of the acid wash trend, hopefully there's a little something for everyone.

Acid Wash Activity

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