The first time we witnessed the bomber jacket was during World War 1, where the flight jacket was created to keep pilots warm during the war.The bomber jacket trend became popular for civilian use in the early 1970s and 1980s.These jackets haven't gone anywhere since. We've witnessed musical geniuses such as Mick Jagger, Run DMC and countless others put their personal touch on the bomber jacket, and many have followed suit.You can catch anyone in the classic all black bomber jacket but as with most trends when they come back they come back with a twist.

This classic piece has been recreated a bit louder than it's simple counterpart that was created in the name of functionality.The bomber jacket is a great statement making layering piece, especially for the Fall and Winter.You can recreate this craze by donning a printed bomber jacket and letting it stand out as the spotlight piece of your wardrobe.Let the printed bomber jacket add personality to your look,embrace the loudness and appreciate its creativity.

Bomber Jacket Love

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