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Shopping is the experience that happens between figuring out what you want to physically express to the world and how you execute it.Why not dissect this pivotal moment in personal style we all eventually experience? Thus, we present to you our latest Style Survey topic, SHOPPING!

We have given many shopping tips and tricks away on The SHTE Daily. Regardless of the tips we share we all know everyone has their own specific way of shopping.Some people head straight to the jewelry section,others head for the latest trends and others(like us),make a beeline for the clearance section.We wanted to know how does the average fashion buyer go about adding to her closet?Shopping can be trick and risky to your wallet.Exploring how one navigates clothing stores in our consumerist based society is interesting, to say the least.We will be back with the survey results this Saturday and share our conclusion on the best shopping tactics and which is the most popular!

We will be holding the discussion on our Instagram page at

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