Social media can be an excellent source of blogging inspiration. With social networks you can bounce ideas of your peers,friends, and family.Besides finding inspiration you can also find yourself committing several deadly sins of social media. A few of these awful social media acts include:

  1. Comparing your blog to others is the number 1 deadly sin of social media! Every time you compare your blog or writing to that of someone else you take away from your own work.You have to understand not everyone is going to have the same exact blogging journey, this is simply a fact.
  2. Copying what everyone else is blogging about in the name of the most popular trend is deadly...and boring. I've seen it time and time again where a blogger decides to follow the latest in popular blog posts and doesn't even take the time to add their own original voice.For example, everyone does red carpet coverage posts what makes them interesting is your specific voice.Don't just copy the trending opinion, in doing so you rob yourself and your supporters.
  3. Not understand the difference between sharing and spam is a tragic social media tactic.Imagine following someone on Twitter  or Facebook and all they do is share the same tweets continuously, no interesting tidbits in between just LINKS, CONSTANT LINKS.

    I know for a fact that you amazing people have never participated in these terrible social media sins.Do you think there's any crimes I left off?Let me know in the comment section!

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