The Style Growth Tag is a creation of our own.You simply answer questions about a phase you faced in your personal style and reflect on the changes.I like the idea of reflecting on the growth of style. Figuring out what provoked certain changes and growth gives an insight into your personal expression. You never know what you'll find after exploring the layers of your personal style, now go explore because we're tagging all of you!

Question #1) How much has your style changed on a scale of 1 being a little and 10 being a total makeover?

Question #2) How would you describe your previous style ie. dark and moody or preppy with an edge?

Question #3) How old were you when you went through your first style phase?

Question #4) Are there any current trends your younger self would of adored or hated,what are they and why?

Question #5)Do you revisit your previous style from time to time?

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