The trend triangle of textures is awaiting you...are you ready?
Typically, in the Spring and Summer we're drawn to light fabrics with light weight textures to keep us from sweating our lives away.During the Fall and Winter where we're greeted with COLD air, we're given the opportunity to experiment.We have our top three textures to try this Fall and Winter with a few looks that'll hopefully inspire you to put your spin on these trends.

Tweed Talk

Tweed Talk by deejaystyles featuring a pencil skirt

Tweed is typically associated with a mature sophistication that says "I'm here to do business and look amazing at the same time".The grey material tends to be fairly versatile so creating looks for this material was fun to say the least.We have a few tweed oriented ensembles below featuring something a little edgy, something a bit chill and something BOLD.

Velvet made an appearance briefly last Winter.We witnessed velvet adorned military boots,velvet crossbody bags and velvet skater skirts dominate the end of Winter trends.The velvet trend showed up towards the end of Winter,conquered and went into hibernation during the Spring and Summer.Since we're bringing this trend back out of its slumber we decided to try reinventing the way we coordinate with it.How would you reinterpret the velvet trend?

Quilted details became popular during the Spring and Summer popping up in unexpected places.I decided this trend needs to make consistent appearances this Fall and Winter.I think I love this trend for it's modern approach to such a classic way of sewing.
Now I need to know...which texture is better and which are you most willing to wear during the cold weather?(Sorry for all the rhyming,couldn't help myself).

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