It's that time of year again where back to school lookbooks flood the vlog and blog world.You can expect to see "College Fashion Essentials","First Day of School Lookbooks" and "Back to School Makeup tutorials" dominate the internet, and thank goodness they are because sometimes even the best of us get confused on what to do for a back to school or university look.
     School starts back during that awkward phase of the weather,where it's still hot but has random bouts of rain or cold that feels like Fall.So right now, getting some help on how to build a look that will accommodate such demanding weather is more than helpful.We decided to add our helping hands to the back to school struggle by creating a post with college commuters in mind!
    College commuters drive or bus their way to class and don't necessarily have the luxury of running to their dorm when the weather decides to flip the script.For our college commuters we suggest you invest in:

A Damn Good Bag

Bookbag Business

Excuse my French,but I have witnessed the heartbreaking snap of an old bookbag strap as it succumbs to textbooks and a laptop.Make sure you purchase a new bookbag,don't fret your bag can be functional and fashionable like we talked about in the post before, here.We've got a few suggestions below if you're still looking for a bag:

Fashionable Jogger Pants:

Jogger Pants!

Sometimes your favorite pair of skinny jeans can become youe worse enemy pretty fast.If the jeans are a bit to tight, this can cause chaffing from the waisfline and wear out the fabric of the jeans altogether.Give your jeans a break from time to time and invest in some trouser or jogger pants.I know its odd that a fashion blog is encouraging you to wear jogging pants,but hear me out.Times have changed for the everyday jogger pant,they come in tailored fits,colors, and prints and are actually pretty cute.Give some of the looks below a try when you're ready to give your jeans a break every now and then:

Fleece tights or leggings:


We know not everyone likes fashionable jogger pants, we have an alternative for you.Find yourself some really cute skirts or dresses to avoid the pant issue altogether!But, before you become apart of that pantless life invest in a pair of black leggings or some thick black tights.Make sure you keep the leggings or tights in your bag or car in case the weather randomly changes,you don't want your stems getting cold.

Flat boots and sneakers:

Shoe Shake Up

You do a lot of walking on campus which means you're going to need comfortable shoes.A pair of cute sneakers can make a world of difference on your toes and a pair of boots like combat boots are built tough if any of the possible elements should occur such as, rain,sleet or snow.
    Cardigans have saved my life more times than I can count.I lived for my simple layer superhero!When a random gust of brisk air came through,my cardigan became a blessing.Keep a cardigan in the car or your bag.

Last but not least, our latest college fashion essential is...FUN.Have fun with your clothes!You're in college, now is the perfect time to experiment with your wardrobe.You're going to see so many different kinds of people expressing themselves in so many different ways soak up all the inspiration!

Hopefully these college style suggestions help for the everyday commuter.Not everyone can afford dorm life but that doesn't make you any less of a college student.Enjoy your experience and make the most out of it!

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