Welcome to another Fashion in 5 post! Today, we're taking 5 fashion tips from our favorite rockstars who have inspired us to kick ass, take names and sing in the shower like there's no tomorrow. We've learned some valuable information from the level of style these rock Gods and Goddesses have exhibited, check out what we mean below:

Rainbow Hair!

Fashion tip #1 comes from our beloved Hayley Williams the lead singer of band Paramore. Hayley Williams is known for her incredible pipes, electrifying stage presence...and her endless hairstyles. We've seen Hayley with a long mane of red hair, then it was cropped, then it was more orange,yellow and it recently became a lovely shade of turquoise.We learned to experiment with all kinds of color from Hayley Williams and her gallery of rainbow- inspired hair-styles and we love her even more for it. 

The Ever-Evolving Rock Queen

Fashion tip #2 comes from Debbie Harry lead singer of the band Blondie is a music icon.When Debbie Harry emerged on the scene she took the music scene by force.Not only was Debbie Harry shaking us with her musical prowess she was showing us never to allow ourselves to live within one style aesthetic.Debbie Harry experimented with androgynous looks, to styling minimalist mini dresses and taking on futuristic ensembles!Debbie Harry taught us that's it's okay to be in a constant state of style experimentation.

Joan Jett!

Fashion tip#3 comes from Joan Jett! Joan Jett is a rock star queen with a powerful voice who got her start in the band, The Runaways.Joan Jett is known for her edgy style, signature hair style and makeup.Joan Jett has taught us to wear what we're comfortable in and it's okay to stick to your signature pieces, as long as you're confident in it, nothing else matters.

Betty Davis, The Funkrock Goddess

Fashion tip #4 comes from none other than funk rock icon Betty Davis.Betty Davis was known for her bad ass approach to music and the intoxicating tone to her music.Betty Davis started off as a model and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology.Davis decided she wanted to head into the music industry to exercise her musical talents but her flair for fashion didn't cease.Davis's fashion roots were still highly displayed in her performance wear that was just as rebellious as her provocative music lyrics at the time.Davis could be seen in thigh high platforms, short shorts or a flashy leotard.This songstress did not look for attention, her natural presence was effortlessly magnetic.Davis taught us that simply being true to yourself is a natural rebellion, that never goes out of style.

Lenny Kravitz

Fashion tip #5 comes from Lenny Kravitz!Lenny Kravitz's style is the epitome of cool,edgy with some bohemian elements all blended together to form his own personal rock star uniform. Lenny Kravitz's approach to fashion has been very fearless.He steps outside of the realm of the kind of clothing that is typically expected of men in the rock music industry, and that's why he kicks so much ass. Kravitz understands that everyone has an opinion of his public image, but he's not concerned with it. Kravitz was quoted saying, "The image that the public gets is whatever they perceive it to be. Everybody has an opinion, everybody has their own vision, so I don't know what my public image is. I have no idea".Kravitz has taught us not to be concerned with the opinion of others, therefore, when we get dressed and build our images we have to do it for ourselves.
Rock stars stand out because of their willingness to be true to themselves no matter how radical,rebellious or bold they may be.Take their tips and apply them to both life and your style.Can you think of any rock stars that are style worthy inspiration?

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