Utilitarian is defined by Google as,"designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive".Utilitarian clothing tends to be stocked with useful pockets,hidden pockets and zippers.We decided a few utilitarian elements in our closet would be handy and add a fun edge.Besides,the utilitarian look offers us clothing with pockets that you can ACTUALLY USE, #deathtofakepockets. Are you on the utilitarian train yet?We're on our way to sharing 5 ways to add this trend to our closet!

    1.      The utility jacket is a classic piece originating back to military wear.The jacket is an excellent layering piece as its made in a neutral olive shade is adorned with many zippers,buttons and pocket details.You can make this jacket the center piece of a look or use it as a contrast between its tough exterior and something more feminine like a lacey top.

Military Inspired Jacket

2.  Cargo pants can be worn in a looser fit or a skinny style, it's all about your preference.The different fits help to add different looks such as skinny cargos go great for a more feminine appeal and look great with loser fitting tops.Looser fitting cargo pants work well with fitted tops to balance out your ensemble.We encourage you to mix it up with these pants because they are really versatile.

Cargo Pants Passion

3.  Combat boots are personally apart of my Fall uniform.I recently bought 2 more pairs of combat boots of different styles and I'm sure they're get broken in pretty quickly.The combat boot is beaming with flexibility.The boots can accompany a vintage look, be used to complement a rocker chic outfit or toughen up a glamorous ensemble.Besides being able to wear these boots with almost anything, the various styles are endless.

Combat Boot Battles

4.  The military inspired bag is BIG,CHUNKY and you new best friend!Grab every essential and shove it in this bag and have room to spare.I personally appreciate this piece for it's chunky shape it adds an interesting element to most minimalist looks.

Cargo Bag Courage

5.  Last, but certain not least we are presented with the cargo vest.This vest gives off cool sophistication easily.Pair this vest with some skinny jeans and make it as rock and roll worthy as possible.

The Best Kind of Vest

I hope this post helped you out in your pursuit of utilitarian greatness.Remember these suggestions are simply that SUGGESTIONS, not rules.Feel free to mix,match and experiment with these pieces and create something perfect for you!

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