5 Fashionable Halloween Costumes
Halloween and fashion complement each other so well(at least in our books).Halloween provokes the imagination,creativity and drama in all of us.The Halloween season is our chance to add special touches of edginess, fantasy and whatever else you want to express.In essence Halloween is the time to release your inner fashion freak.
We've got 5 stylish Halloween costumes you probably already have in your closet.

Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Halloween Costume Idea #1

Hilary Banks is an style icon in her own right as the spoiled, oldest daughter on the iconic TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.You can raid your nearest thrift store for a bright, shoulder padded blazer and matching skirt set easily.Pair the ensemble with a pair of black opaque tights, as far as hair you can either curl and tease it with rollers or a curling wand, just make sure you wear it underneath a round rimmed hat.

Janet Jackson from the Control Era

Halloween Costume Idea #3

Janet Jackson has taken on many different looks and one in particular that we favor is the strong personal statements made within her Control era.Janet was notorious for her voluminous curls put to one side, large hoop earrings with one key adorning the hoop, and a strong structured, double-button breasted blazer.We suggest finding a similar black blazer from yet again any thrift store or Salvation Army and pairing this look with tall black boots.You can easily DIY the hoop earrings by buying a pair of hoops from any dollar store or shop and buying a simple key and placing it on the earring.

Nancy Downs from The Craft

Halloween Costume Idea #2

Nancy Downs is our resident bad-ass witch from 90s hit film, The Craft.Downs had a penchant for radical, rebellious behavior...and a few murderous tendencies.Although Nancy came with her ups and downs a few things that remained constant was her signature style of: dark lipstick, a black spiked choker,black combat boots, and dark eye makeup.You can easily obtain her look with a white button down,cross necklace, and a black skirt.

Pageant Queen

Halloween Costume Idea#4

Why not go as a pageant queen for Halloween?You can wear your favorite sparkliest dress,high heels,wear a tiara and walk around with a bouquet of flowers.All you really need to DIY is the Miss USA sash which can be done with a long piece of fabric or material, and just add the words MISS USA to it.

Flo from Progressive

Halloween Costume Idea #5

We love Flo from the Progressive commercials especially her makeup routine.All you have to do is wear a bright red lip.exercise your cat-eye liner skills,wear all white,wear a white apron, and print out the Progressive logo from your computer and tape it to the top of the apron.

I hope you liked our Halloween costume suggestions! Leave a comment below sharing what you plan on going as for Halloween and if you don't plan on dressing up let us what your favorite thing about Fall is!

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