You're probably used to all the various things to do in the name of building your personal style.We decided to come up with a list of things NOT TO DO when discovering your personal style.

1. Do not dress to impress other people, you must dress solely with the intention of expressing yourself and pleasing yourself.Allowing the ever-changing opinion of others to determine what clothes you spend your hard earned money on is an easy way to waste cash and put your self-esteem at jeopardy.


2. Don't allow your figure to discourage you from trying different looks and outfits.There are plenty of ways to adjust and tailor clothing to fit your specific shape.Your body is not a disadvantage,your body is the beautiful temple that you get to decorate and adorn as you please, honor it!


3. Don't be afraid to get creative and mix styles together.Personally, I love the idea of mixing different kinds of styles and creating something new.Feel free to mix and blend all kinds of different elements.


4.Don't be afraid to be an outfit repeater.Feel free to repeat certain looks and if you feel yourself getting a little bored you can always add little things like, accessories or shoes.


5.Don't be afraid to stand out.When you begin expressing your own personal style you might get some looks, some stares but who cares! It's not about who's staring, it's about you being comfortable in your own skin and staying true to your personal style.

   Hopefully you enjoyed our 5 Don'ts to style greatness.We hope this encouraged you to embrace your originality in all of its glory and to take a worthy interest in your own personal style!

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