We've lost a lot of great writers and talent because of pressure to build high blog stats. The number of views, comments, and shares can be downright disheartening for a lot of bloggers. We get told all the time not to allow blog statistics to affect us on a personal level and to keep blogging for the love of the blog itself. Even though we know what we should do, sometimes we forget it and allow ourselves to fall into the trap of looking for our readers to affirm what we’re doing. Many of us don’t know that we’re basing ourselves off of our blog’s audience, here’s five ways to know if you’re slipping into bad blogger habits.

  1. When someone asks about your blog you downplay how you really feel about it. I’m not saying you have to tell everyone about your blog and broadcast it to the world, but you shouldn’t feel shameful about it either.

  2. You check your blogging statistics over ten times a day. Why are you looking at your pageviews that consistently? What change do you really think is going to happen in your traffic every five minutes, even if something did change what are you going to do about it? Are you going to change your whole blog’s direction in the place of where your recent popularity is coming from? Your pageview stats shouldn’t have that much control.

  3. You consider deleting your blog after looking at your stats. Listen, if you really like what you’re doing your blog statistics shouldn’t be able to sway you so heavily that you want to downright erase everything you’ve worked so hard on.

  4. Instead of finding inspiration in the success of your fellow bloggers, you take this moment to compare and beat yourself up.

  5. You don't take the time to appreciate your own blog victories. When you gain another follower you have to acknowledge it, appreciate it and recognize a new addition to the family! Be happy your victories whether big or small.

If you identify with any or all of the things on this list, I suggest you take some time to reflect on your primary reason for blogging in the first place. Eliminate any and all focus on your traffic and get to the basics of creating content, so maybe you'll love your blog again.

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