The shirt dress has been on my mind like crazy .I love that with a simple change of accessories, I can change the entire vibe of such a minimalist piece. The thing about the shirt dress is that sometimes the boxy silhouette isn't always as flattering. Besides the shape of the shirt dress, sometimes its length can be too short to be a dress and too long to be a skirt, so you're not entirely sure what bottoms to wear with it.

The cons of this piece make it even more interesting and fun to mold to my personal style. The fashion enthusiast in me can't help but get excited about being given a blank canvas and doing whatever I please with it.

  1. A few things I know I do when molding simpler items into my look is ACESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACESSORIZE. Some of my favorite accessories at the moment include the chunky bib necklace, skinny belts and the infamous knit snood.

  2. Another way I like to dress up my shirt dress is by layering with a cropped jacket or vest. The cropped length of the jacket builds the illusion of a waist.

  3. I prefer wearing shirt dresses with leggings and skinny jeans, but I recently gave the look a try with a simple bodycon midi skirt. The midi skirt adds a little sophistication to the look that I find mature and sleek.

Shirt Dress Styling

Hopefully this helped someone else out there who used to have difficulty styling the shirt dress. Let me know in the comments below if there's any style challenges you have, that you'd like me to take on.

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