Skater Skirts in the Snow?

As soon as the air grew chillier and I started to witness little white flurries of snow fall from the sky, I knew it was time to pack up my skirt collection and send it to hibernate in the back of my closet. It was a sad farewell putting my skirts away. It has to be another way, I shouldn’t have to condemn half my wardrobe because of some blasted cold air! I began racking my brain to figure out ways to wear my favorite pieces while keeping my gams from going numb.

1 Cable Knit Tights
Cable knit tights come in so many different styles and colors, you can take this layering tactic and make it add even more punch to your ensemble.
2 Fleece Leggings
Fleece leggings are comfy and are sure to keep you cozy, just make sure they’re thick enough.

3 Leg Warmers
Leg warmers can go over leggings, jeans, tights and add that extra touch for the move for warmth. Accessorize with your leg warmers with cute colors like burgundy, mustard and a neutral black.
4 Over the knee boots are not only fashionable but they will keep those calf muscles toasty.

5 Invest in a Long Coat
If you invest in a long enough coat, your outerwear will add the perfect defense to the frost bitten air.

Now imagine stacking on the layers of cable knit tights, leg warmers and some knee high boots covering it all, and on top of your insulated armor you add a wool trench or duster coat. Hopefully these layering tips help you in your quest to keep your favorite skater skirt out of storage. Feel free to check out skater skirt shop below, everything under 25 dollars! :

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