The Outerwear Winners

We have our top 5 picks for our favorite pieces of winter outerwear. We decided now is as good as time as any to share our love of cozy coats seeing as how the cold air is creeping in. You might recognize some of these coat styles from your local mall or even your closet. Let us know in the comments below if you have a personal favorite and how would you style it?

  1. The Duster Coat

Dynamic Duster

The duster coat is a long wool coat that can swallow you up if you don’t pay attention to its size. Besides its stand out length, this coat was built in the name of minimalism with a massive focus on simply keeping you warm. We recommend looking at a duster coat in a nice neutral camel color, and if not why not go for the polar opposite in a loud neon shade to keep a constant splash of color on hand with every ensemble.

  1. The Shearling Shakeup

Shearling Coat Spotlight

Shearling coats remind me air plane pilots, cool people, and sheep. Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the creation of the shearling coats listed below. The shearling coat has an effortlessness in its appeal when you acknowledge its laidback, slightly slouchy structure. If you want something that’s going to make you look glam without any real effort, this coat maybe for you.

  1. The Rebirth of the Bubble Coat

Puffer Coat Party

The bubble coat is a favorite of mine that reminds me of my childhood. I was never remotely cold in a bubble coat. Jack Frost wouldn’t dare penetrate the strength of my bubble coat. In my haste to look for a new bubble coat for myself, I ran into what appeals to be the bubble coat reloaded, with zipper details and a cinched waist. Although, I’m a fan of the classics I think a remixed bubble coat is worth experimenting with.

  1. Our Mixed Media Favorite

Mixed Media Mash Up

There are some coats that are simply a blend of everything, from a few patches of faux leather on shoulders or some black suede quilted details on the shoulders. The mixed media coat has its own character that says screw the rule that coats have to be only one style.

5.    The Utility Trench

Utilize The Utility Coat

The utility coat is stocked with pockets, zipper details and buttons galore. Not only is this coat keeping you warm but it’s also giving you plenty of places to keep your Chaptstick which you can I both know, gets plenty of use the second the air get dry and cold.

This is the end of our coat countdown, did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments which coat is your fave or better yet, tell us what your favorite part of the holiday season is?

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