A Blogger's Content Criteria

When I first started blogging, I googled things like “what’s a long enough blog post?”,”how much time should be spent on a long post?”, “how many images should I use in a blog post?”. I was trying to determine what qualifies as a decent blog post, but I should have been trying to determine that for myself. I decided that there may be beginner bloggers out there like I was trying to figure out what’s classified as an amazing blog post. Figuring out what you consider a good blog post is a personal thing, so figuring it out is all about your own personal standards for writing. Ask yourself the questions below:

  1. How much time are you willing to spend on a blog post?

  2. How many words do you think you need to cover your topic you’re writing on?

  3. What images do you think will catch the attention of your particular readers in relation to the content of the blog post?

  4. How long of a blog post are you comfortable with reading?

  5. What images catch your attention as a reader?

These simple questions hopefully will help you clarify the standards for what kind of quality you’re looking for in your blog. You have to find a balance between what you’re willing to give as a blogger and what you’d like to see as a reader.