Blogger Wants and Blogger Needs

I know from personal experience there have been things I felt I “needed” to be a successful blogger, when in reality some of those things were simply wants. Sometimes we need to look at what we’re obsessing over and acknowledge it as an obsession and not a requirement. When we begin comparing what other bloggers have versus what we don’t, that’s when our perception of necessary blogging tools becomes distorted. To help me I’ve composed a brief list of the things I need as a blogger and a list of things I simply want.

Blogger Needs:

  • Consistent inspiration

  • To take more time with grammatical editing

  • To network with more like minded fashion bloggers

  • To get more active about spreading the word about my blog, outside of using the internet

  • To approach fashion blogging from a readers’ angle

  • To think of more out of the box ideas

  • To stay true to my writing style and originality

Blogger Wants that Used to Be Blogger Needs

  • The VSO Cam app

  • A stack of fashion magazines strategically placed by a shelf near an open window for excellent reading light

  • Over 1,000 followers on all of my social media platforms

  • To be available on all social media platforms

  • Photoshop software

  • A DSLR camera

  • A boyfriend to take my outfit pictures

  • A Michael Kors bag

My old blogger needs are pretty superficial .Now, can you imagine taking hiatuses simply because of some materialistic blogger needs, that aren’t really needs at all? How could I ever bring myself to stop doing what I love because I lack a DSLR camera and 1,000 Instagram followers? Perhaps it’s time that you examine whatever is stopping you from being a blogger, before you completely throw the towel in over problems that might not really be that problematic. Let us know in the comments if you can relate to feeling pinned down by a lack of blogging tools?

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