While sitting with my notebook in hand dreading the cold outside, I was thinking about spring.I began thinking about all the floral print that comes back into action, the pastel comes out to play and everything gets dramatically lighter.I was thinking about what kind of look I want to go for during the spring and I found myself coming back to one thing consistently.Chambray.

Chambray is a champion of the spring.I know what you're thinking, what makes chambray a champ?What makes this light denim fabric a go to piece for the warmer seasons?Well allow me to show you.

Each spring when the weather grows warmer we start to pull off our bubble coats in favor of lighter jackets to accomodate the change.One easy layer to slip into is chambray.Chambray is light and typically goes with everything, its the ultimate neutral.

Let me know in the comment section if chambray is a fave of your's or share what you look forward to this spring.

Chambray Shuffle

Chambray Shuffle by deejaystyles featuring a blue checkered dress

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