Button down tops aren't just for professional use,uniforms and meeting people you want to take you seriously. I've got 5 reasons we all need to stop sleeping on the button down shirt.

1. Button downs have a level of versatility, you've just got to get over that pre-established association of business you have with it.

2. Oversized button downs can serve minimalist chicness with ease. If you love minimalist style, YOU NEED A WHITE OR BLACK BUTTON DOWN STAT!

3. Tie the ends of the button down for a spring ready crop top look.

4. Button down tops can look grungey and masculine with simple detail changes. All you have to do is roll up the sleeves, add some chunky bracelets and instant edginess is born.

5. You can easily use a button down as an extra layer and accessorize with it, ie. the plaid button down belt everyone wore last year.

Are you falling head over heels for the button down like me? Seriously, I'm so obsessed I practically felt my heartbreak when I realized I only own one. The button down has easily found its way to being my new wardrobe staple, is it your's?

Button Down Bash

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