Believe it or not, fashion can get a little boring from time to time.The same denim, the same pleather, the same fit, they all start to blend together over time.We wanted to vamp up our #ootd game and of course took to Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration.After various hours of scrolling we finally fell in love with three trouser trends and declared them the winners of 2014 fashion.

Trouser Trio #1

1. Wax coated jeans are definitely winning.Get the appeal of leather pants without the leather pants price.The shine of the pants makes it the perfect canvas to play with opposing textures such as chunky cable knit sweaters and quilted shirt details.

Trouser Trio #2

2. Tartan skinnies are excellent for the print lover.Although these pants are pretty much a plaid lovers playground,they're also pretty versatile and attractive to those who aren't apart of the tartan fan club.You can wear these with simple sweaters, faux leather jackets and add a little sophistication with a chiffon blouse.We encourage you to take the new year by storm by trying tartan.

The Trousers Trio

3.  Jogger pants are known world wide as a staple in a comfy oriented closet.We've witnessed these pants dressed up,dressed down,feminine,minimalist and done in sports luxe realness.The versatility and utter comfortableness of these pants completely won 2014.

Hopefully you enjoyed our top 2 trouser picks!Let us know in the comments if you tried out any of these trends or better yet share with us if there's a trend you think we should of listed!

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