This year was spent in 90s nostalgia, trying our spin on new trends and embracing fashion freedom.We want to celebrate 2014's fashion moments in preparation for all the fresh new trends that will be born in 2015.We decided to start off our celebration with taking a look at our favorite fashion accessories.

1. This simple clutch was born out of the eye of a minimalist.The clutch with a lunch bag structure took us all the way back to grade school, but the color and texture is what truly stole our hearts.
2.The (faux or nah) septum ring is our newest favorite body mod and piece of jewelry.Personally, if my job allowed us to have body mods in the workplace, you would of seen me sporting one of these in a series of selfies.We love that the rings come with specific designs like filigree and some are even bejeweled.
3.The vintage inspired bib necklace has been around the necks of practically everyone.We especially loved pairing these necklaces with high necklines to truly show off the treasure.
4.Midi rings were stacked all over the place this year.If you wanted something easy and simple to add to a look, midi rings were easily the go-to.Add a few of these simple bands with maybe one statement ring and you've added some instant character to your look.
5.Flash tattoos dominated the summer.Make sure you're decked out in bronze with an epic tan and get your golden goddess on with these temp tats.
6. Body chains made their way into our hearts during the summer and for good reason.Adorning the body with gold,silver and stones has an element of fantasy that makes me weak in the knees.I started my own collection hand chains that start at my finger and drags itself up the length of my hand and arm.If you want that extra touch of oomph in your look, we suggest this stand out piece that took over in 2014.

 Favorite Fashion Accessories of 2014

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