Outfit Inspiration: Fun with Fit

  I have always wanted to create a blog that encourages fashion experimentation.I believe that when people are motivated to create their own look, that's when something amazing happens.If we welcome creativity and different perspectives we can create fresh ideas.

   Often we get caught under the thumb of predisposed classics instead of being inspired by them we get frozen by them.We've been taught that when ceating a look the primary look to go for is hourglass.You can feel free to pursue an hourglass fit, but we want to remind you that, that's not the only shape you're allowed to pursue.We picked a pieces and looks that will be great starters when pursuing different shapes in your clothing.

Five pieces that will help you experiment with fit include:

Bolero jackets

Cigarette pants

Shift dresses

Boyfriend trousers

Oversized blazers

  Each of these items dance outside the parameters of building the classic hourglass shape.

Fit Function #2

  Look number 1 is all about playing with texture and seeing as how I keep a simple structure and color palette.I wanted to bring attention to the legs by using printed tights and letting that be the spot light of the look.Just because the shift dress has a minimalist shape that doesn't mean its boring, especially using the texture in the dress to build visual interest.In addition the bolero jacket's cut creates the illusion of a waist.

Fit Function #3

Look number 2 is all about making the shift dress take center stage.The palette for this look is mostly black and white which means I can mix prints like there's no tomorrow!

Fit Function

Look number 3 is all about minimalism.I want to keep this look simple and sophisticated with a nice crisp white shirt, and plaid cigarette pants.We're also taking a few vintage cues seeing as how cigarette pants came into their highest popularity in in the 50s, but the plaid makes this look slightly school inspired.

Fit Function #5

Look number 4 is mostly masculine inspired.The outfit is composed of a chunky sweater and then boyfriend jeans that fit loosely, so I decided to make the color combination feminineFit Function #4

  Look number 5 is all about the over sized blazer!I love the color scheme of this blazer, it works well with the relatively subdued shape of this look.This look is both quirky and sexy at the same time!

Let us know in the comment section if you'd like to try any of these looks, or share with us your ideas clothing combinations to create different shapes.