Outfit Inspiration: The Spring Preview

Last spring I was immersed in coral shades, holographic textures, grid prints and all white ensembles.This spring, I have a new plan of action for the warm season.Here's a sneak peek into some of the upcoming spring trends, I want to try!

Spring Preview

My main goal is to become a pastel princess(or a queen, as long as I get a crown I'm content).Pastel is something we're often greeted with during the winter time.If I had a dollar for every time I saw a pink duster coat in a blog post during the winter, I'd be typing this post on the latest Macbook. I didn't exactly participate in my pastel pink passion this winter because I was too busy doing my best vampire impersonation, but I will be reveling in pink greatness this spring!

The watercolor trend is easy going and full of color! I really want an abstract, artsy appeal once it gets warmer to explore my inner flower child.Besides the art inspiration behind this trend, I like the idea of walking around looking like a living breathing canvas.

Last but certainly not least is the bronze goddess look for spring(and eventually summer). I can see it now, as the warm sun finally sets you can find me with in a golden uniform of flash tats and body chains.The gold trend is especially gorgeous on tan to darker skin tones to get your beach queen look going.

Remember guys, these trends are merely previews to the full force of things to come.I'm so excited to see what else the spring time has to offer and I'm happy I got to share my excitement with you! Let me know in the comment section if there's any spring trends you're looking forward to get you through this miserable winter.