Outfit Inspiration: Tuxedo Inspired Details-

I was watching Ocean’s 13 on television and found myself admiring the array of suits and tuxedos that were worn throughout the film. I began asking myself what I would wear if I was asked to join Danny Ocean’s infamous 11.It got me thinking about tuxedo details and how that could translate to an everyday look for women. As a result, I developed the mood board below to help give my ideas life.

Tuxedo Tricks

I created three different looks. The first one is considerably, more formal, this is something you’d wear to meet up with Ocean and your 11 partners in crime. The second look is the most casual of the three, this would be the outfit you’d do more field work in the Ocean’s 12 film, like shadowing someone in a relatively simple look. The 3rd look is the victory outfit, the scheme has been successfully pulled and now you get to shed whatever disguise you may have been wearing and pull out your own original duds.

It’s amazing what ideas can pop up from simply surfing television while in your spare time! Let me know below what would be your specialty if you were a part of Danny Ocean’s 11.

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