Why not wear your fandom on your sleeve, literally? We know that hardcore fans can catch backlash for simply expressing their for things other people don't always understand. Wanted to share why regardless of the negative reaction expressing your appreciation to your fandom is not only normal but it's awesome.

  1. Wearing fan gear is an easy way to catch the attention of other people who share the same love for your medium aka the #conversationstarter.

  2.  Wearing fan gear personally makes me feel food. My TMNT shirt serves as a reminder to my love of cartoons, sci-fi, all with one t-shirt.

  3. 3. Expressing your love for something for the world to see takes confidence a lot of people will never know.

Fandom Fashion

   It's time to stand proud in your fandom, by wearing it casually in your everyday wardrobe!  I've been a Whovian, I'm definitely a Marvel lover and am obsessed with Mortal Instruments although the film wasn't that successful the books still make my life! What fandom are you apart of if you're apart of any?

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