High waist jeans were created during the 40s by Levi Straus for women who began working during the war. You can see why these jeans became such a popular commodity for working women, you could bend, lean and reach without any chance of mid-riff escaping. The high rise then expanded into being used for fashionable means as the jeans had a way of hugging and flattering the figure.

   High waist jeans still have the same appeal, such as pulling in the stomach and embracing the curves building an hour glass shape. The only difference between the high waist jeans of the 40s and 50s and the high waist jeans of now is fabric and color.

High Waisted Royalty

Now you can find high waisted pants,high waisted leggings and jeggings with ease.Our culture is still a sucker for pulled in waist to give that extra touch of sultry.Do you believe the high waist trend should be inducted in the fashion hall of fame, or are you waiting for someone to condemn this classic?Let us know in the comments!

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