Stylistas,fashionistas, style seekers, vogue villains and chic shakers are just a few of the names I've witnessed bloggers call their readers. I know naming your readers may seem like a random thing to do, but surprisingly there's some strategy to it.First off, you have to be careful when it comes to actually creating a name, you don't want this nickname to flop.

A name for your readers is determined by defining what you think are the kind of people drawn to your content.After you've determined your demographic, you decide upon a name you believe your particular demographic will respond well to.You may be thinking is giving your readers a name even worth the trouble?

Typically, the idea of giving your readers a name is to help build the brand of your blog and add some exclusivity to your readers.We all like to feel special, we like to feel like we're apart of an important team.You give your bloggers a name and they are joining a special group of readers who are consistent champions of indulging in your content.

Now that you know how the names come to be and why, the real question is if you should.There are plenty of successful bloggers who have never given their readers a team name and there are successful bloggers who have. Should you participate in becoming a team captain of your elite readers, it depends.Personally, I feel giving your readers a name works best if you started off calling your bloggers a name instead of suddenly gaining one 3 years into your blog, it can be off putting as you can imagine.Ultimately it comes down to whether or not you want to give your team a name or not. Let me know in the comments what you'd name your readers if you decided to?

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  1. I name my readers! And I think they respond well to it. And I agree, I'm only a year in!


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