Style Tips: Drama For Your Mama


Elaborate details, wild colors, out of this world fits and fantasy inspired hemlines can be easily spotted in a theatrical  setting, but believe it or not there's a place for these kinds of items in your wardrobe. Sometimes we need that one bold, exaggerated piece that speaks to us. You might be wondering where do you even start when looking for these powerful pieces?! I have a few tips that will hopefully help you find the right kind of drama for you!

  1. Think of your favorite genre of book or film, find pieces that you feel are inspired by or associated with that genre.

  2. Consider your favorite, most stand up character, what would she wear?

  3. Pick a timeline you like the most, pick pieces that you'd wear if you were born in the 60s,70s,80s or even as early as the 20s.

  4. Change your mind frame when you go shopping. Shop for adventurous occasions and you'll develop an adventurous wardrobe.

  5. Prepare your self with confidence affirming mantras. You'll need to have your self-esteem on a new high and your confidence to capture you in a warm embrace as you take on new, daring outfits!

Below I have assembled a few items I would consider dramatic and flair-worthy but everyone's definition of drama is different is different. Let me know in the comments why you think adding some theater-inspired garb will help your wardrobe?1940s Film Noir