When you're a blogger a lot of your time is spent on the internet. You can easily get caught up in the hype of social media.The entangled web of the cyber world can have you slip and fall off the edge into internet induced inferiority. We've got 10 reasons not to compare yourself to people on the internet, EVER.

1. Filters are used on more than just Instagram. When we share things on social media we get to specifically pick and choose what gets shared. With the internet we can decide to only display and keep the relatively bad stuff to ourselves.

2. The internet makes it incredibly easy to lie or for lack of a better word, exaggerate. Haven't you seen Catfish? People can lie about their entire life and you'd never know it.

3. You don't know what this person went through to get to where they are now. The internet is a place where end results make headlines, not the small beginnings.

4. Photoshop skills are currently on fleek. Everyone can easily get their hands on some editing tools and transform themselves.

5.Embrace the fact that your internet presence is different than that of others. You're bringing something different to the web, your originality is gold!

6. Not everyone is meant to have the same exact social media experience, because frankly not everybody is doing the exact same thing.

7. Comparing yourself to someone else with the intention of tearing yourself down is the definition of unproductive. The internet doesn't reward self pity...at least not well.

8.Haven't you heard of the Instagram purge? The day Instagram removed spam followers, it became honesty honor. Some people went from 100 to 90 followers others went from 30k to 2,000.The reality of it all is some people buy likes and followers, that's empty attention. You want your internet come up to be genuine, that's what lasts.

9. Your opinion of yourself lies in you, not in how you are perceived via the web.

10. You shouldn't allow the internet to have control over your self-esteem. Social media will not save you and it definitely won't break you. The web is a relatively superficial place that shifts and changes all the time, you can't rely on it for constant validation.

I understand witnessing people who make it big on the web as a source of inspiration but the truth of the matter is, not everyone is meant to go viral. Your success might not come from a blog post,Instagram video, or getting your picture on the login page of Tumblr. Your success will come but it might not come the way you think it will, it's just about believing that its on the way, that's what matters.

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