The Beauty of Subtlety

The world is completely enchanted(at least in my household) with the chunky, intricate detail of the massively popular bib necklace.Can you blame the growing popularity over these vintage inspired necklaces?Personally, the necklaces remind me of royalty, something that queens wore.Although the chunky bib necklace has its pros, I'd like to take a moment to shine a light on more subtle jewelry because they definitely serve a purpose as well.

The obvious beauty of the larger,bulkier necklace provides a loud statement, but not all looks call for that.Sometimes certain looks need just that little touch to add some character.Lets take a moment to celebrate the dainty pendant, the smart stud sized earrings and the infamous pair of collar tips.


Minimalism thrives off of having an eye for simplicity and knowing what items can be added together to make a clean,uncomplicated look.Subtle jewelry adds flavor while being small and personal.To admire such small details is to have a personal relationship with your style that quietly expresses what you want your style to say.