I’m supposed to post to this blog daily as it says in the title of the blog, The SHTE Daily. As you can probably tell posting new content every day has been an outrageous struggle for me as I’ve been on hiatus- a lot. You’d think someone with a love/hate relationship with hiatuses would approach the frequent blogger schedule differently, but allow me to explain why.

I decided to make my blog a daily posting blog because I feel like it helps me exercise my creativity. I’m the kind of person who gets too much on my plate and suddenly something has to get pushed to the side, unfortunately, that became this blog. It’s not that I don’t exactly have enough time to blog, it’s just not on my top list of priorities like it used to be and my constant writer’s block didn’t make the idea of posting more attractive.

Posting frequently will force me to pay more attention to this blog and force me to acknowledge where I want to put the most concentration in certain areas of my life. Personally, I find that posting daily helps remind me why I love what I do and what I hope to do with this creation of mine someday. A few things I’ve decided to do to help me get back into the swing of daily posting include:

  • Setting an alarm to let me know when to sit down and draft up a blog post, whether I write it, text it or type it, it must be done.

  • Keeping a specific blog calendar of goals and post ideas I want to go up and when.

  • Keeping a blog notebook to scribble down inspiration and ideas in

  • Investing in time gaining inspiration, from social media, magazines, books and anywhere I feel a spark

I will be adapting my lifestyle to these habit additions in my plan for blogging greatness! What helps you keep up with your blogging schedule?

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