You beautiful people know all too well how much we love mood boards. This blog is littered with inspiration left and right, so much we have an entire category right here dedicated to inspiration, Outfit Inspiration. You might see mood boards often and find them interesting, you might even want to create a few but you don’t know where to start.

I created a quick little guide to hopefully help you start well on your way to mood board greatness.

  1. Do you want to create your mood board with paper and select other materials, or do you want to create it via the computer?

  2. What kind of style do you wish to express with your mood board, is it minimalist, feminine, edgy or a mix of the three?

  3. Do you want your mood board to be dedicated to a specific time period?

  4. How big do you want your mood board to be? You can have multiple small mood boards or a series of massive ones taking hold your room.

  5. How much free time do you have? We suggest determining a specific gap of free time during your day as building a mood board just the way you like it can take time.

  6. Is your mood board solely for fashion? You can create a mood board for interior design, make up looks, trends by season, setting or time frame.

  7. We suggest having a predisposed, organized set of ideas. You pick the one thing you’ve had on your mind, consistently and expand with what you associate this thing with, and then you can take to your magazine clippings, scanned images, etc. to express exactly what’s on your mind.

  8. Put your mood board somewhere you’re going to see it frequently to keep that constant does of inspiration. You can take a picture of your mood board on your phone, now you have your own personalized inspiration in your pocket.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about beginning a mood board that wasn’t answered here. I hope I helped you in your beginning steps to mood board greatness.

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