The Seasonal Style Slump

Yesterday, I looked at a heap of my clothes and sighed in frustration. It's currently the dead of winter in Michigan and my wardrobe has become an army of layers, trained to protect me from the cold, rather than express my personal style. I've approached my closet in frustration entirely too much this week. Every time I pick out a shirt I think to myself, "but what can I wear under it, what can I wear over it", instead of letting the shirt stand on display.

I can't be the only one who's approached her closet with disdain, not because she doesn't like her clothes but simply because she doesn't like the weather. Before you start packing your bags for California(take me with you by the way). I have a few tips that might help liven your styling mood the next time you put something together.

  1. Plan your outfit a few days ahead. The most frustrating thing in the world is picking out an outfit with a limited amount of time, save yourself the trouble and choose your look at least a day prior.

  2. Look at the weather forecast.You might be assuming it's going to be 30 tomorrow, but with the wind chill it might very well feel 15.

  3. Make your layers add appeal to your look instead of just functionality.It's not going to hurt to coordinate your look around the layers you're wearing. Instead of wearing a flannel shirt, a black cami underneath, and a cardigan why not coordinate the look around a statement undershirt, so it becomes a plus instead of simply being there.

  4. Tis the season to style your socks off,not literally though because you might freeze if your take off your socks.Leg warmers,thigh highs and knee high socks look cute peeking out from under knee high, thigh high or riding boots.

  5. Gain infinite style, with the infinity scarf(bad pun, but I couldn't resist).The infinity scarf if a personal favorite of mine, because not only are there millions of different styles but you can easily pull them up to cover your nose against those brisk winds we all know and hate.

  6. Gloves can be amazing accessories as well as saving your appendages.My favorite pair of gloves has to be a classic leather pair, instant edge and instant warmth.

  7. Search "winter wardrobe", on can thank me later.

Layered: The Next Best Verb

Hopefully our quick 7 tips will give you a little inspiration and motivation to add the life back into your outfit creating against the cold. Let us know in the comments below something you like about winter EXCLUDING THE HOLIDAYS. I bet this post doesn't get one comment....