Blogs that solely offer information or inspiration to the reader while maintaining a level of personal anonymity are blogs I like to consider "faceless". I like to consider this blog faceless, or at least semi-faceless. I don't necessarily blog directly about me, even though I've shared multiple anecdotes and experiences with my own way of styling.You may think writing anonymously takes some of the fun or passion out of the writing process, I beg to differ.

  1. A Different Perspective Is Great For Adding Freshness to Your Writing.It's interesting to write from a different perspective other than first person.Writing a trend post or informative article is different than one you're directly involved in.

  2.  The Freedom Accompanied With Speaking Anonymously Removes Some of Our Bias. When you write about yourself its often encouraged to speak transparently as your realism is what makes you personable and helps you connect with your audience. But once you're done writing you're going to be compelled to edit(at least a little) for public viewing's sake, it's easier to maintain your honesty when speaking on a topic that doesn't directly involve you.

Can you think of any other reasons to blog anonymously? Let us know in the comments if you consider your blog "faceless"

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