When We Were Kids

We love to mix and match our clothes, we've been doing it since our dress up days when were 5 years old.When we're younger wearing our favorite polka dot socks with mom's fancy heels, and our baby blue overalls seemed like a good idea but as we get older we're taught the formal way of matching our clothes.Frankly, I want to get back to a little bit of that raw, unfiltered imagination we had towards style.

I decided to share a few style rules we should abandon, and show why in an outfit inspiration set below.

1. Never wear sneakers with a dress.

2. Never mix pink and red.

3. Don't wear sequins during the daytime.


4.Never mix blue and navy.

Black and Blue

5. Heels are only for formal occasions.

6.Neon should only be worn at raves. 

Neon Lights The Day

Neon Lights The Day by deejaystyles featuring high platform sandals

We encourage all of you to break all the fashion rules and approach style like you did when you were a child.Take a moment when you're in the store to release yourself of all the premeditated things you've been taught beforehand and buy what speaks to your heart.