The end of the year  is commonly the time in which fashion bloggers share their favorite blog posts,trends,bloggers, and style moments of the year.So many fashion enthusiasts are all dying to be fashion forward and ahead of the crowd, but I don't think any of them can deny their love of looking back on their year in fashion. Here's why we feel a fashionable rewind is a good thing:

  1. The end of the year is essentially the time we all get to have our own fashion awards.We get fed so much information throughout the year it's interesting to see what stood out the most for us all individually.

  2. By collecting and measuring what had the most impact in fashion over the year it helps us determine what we can look forward to for the upcoming trends in the new year.

  3. We get to review our own personal style from a different perspective and identify what in our taste has changed and why.

  4. Once we take a look back on our style, its easier to acknowledge our style habits and determine if we want to try something new for the next year.

  5. Clothing tends to carry memories.Sometimes I'll look at a particular outft or jacket and remember what I was doing when I wore it.Certain pieces bring back fun memories, why not take a moment to remember the good times.

    Does any of this sound like you?Do you like taking a walk down memory lane through your closet?Share with us your fave fashion moments of 2014 in the comments and we all can story tell through style.


  1. Beautiful Post gem!
    I'm hoping you are having a great new year already and that 2015 will be a prosperous year for yourself and your blog.
    So much love,

  2. I completely agree. It's a convenient way to see all our favorite (and not so favorite) looks in one post!


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