Become a Winner of the Winter

If you're like me and live in the Midwest you are currently undergoing a miserably cold winter. Winter time can make the best of a little cranky.Waking up to frost bitten floorboards, frost coated windows and biting winds takes all the fun out of leaving the house. Picking out your clothes is less about style and more about survival.

It's a painful thing losing your passion due to your circumstances. I've been feeling like every morning I get up and am greeted to cold air, my love for style disappears little by little.I don't want to lose my love for fashion because of a rough winter! So, in an attempt to save myself from the bitter reality of the weather outside, I've compiled a few lovable things about winter fashion. I call my little lovable winter elements Winter Winners.

Bright EyedBright Tights

The first of our winter winners is experimenting different forms of leg wear.One form of leg wear in particular is playing with bright colored tights. Bright toned tights typically remind me of superheroes and Gossip Girl...two of my utmost favorite things!

Winter Winner (1)

Big fluffy faux fur coats in extravagant colors and prints bring so much life to the dead of winter.Large coats made of candy colors,neon brights, that are lush with texture take the snow covered streets and seize my imagination.It's hard not to get inspired when everyone reveals there daring side in the form of a loud coat!

Winter Winners (1)

Knee high boots are so fun to practice you're runway walk in.The chunky heel, the feel of the faux leather material closed around your leg like armor against your war on the cold weather, these boots were made for winter. I decided to share a quick how to on knee high boots, because I find some people are a little threatened by their height from time to time and get lost when it comes to styling them. First off, don't be afraid of the boots height, the height is made to work in your favor not scare you away. Secondly never allow anything to intimidate you, let alone a pair of cute shoes. Thirdly, these shoes can be worn with virtually anything.

Knee High Boots Boom

Knee High Boots Boom by deejaystyles featuring black handbags

The winter time is the perfect time to have a bad hair day. All you have to do when being confronted with frustrating hair is top it with a hat, and you don't have to worry about any sweating like you would in the spring or summer. We suggest building your beanie collection when beanies are cheap in the warmer seasons so you can break them out during the cold embrace of winter time.

Winter Winner (3)

Now I honestly can think of some other wardrobe pieces that makes the winter worth it, but I decided to leave that up to you guys. Tell me one fashion-related thing you like about the winter time in the comment section below!