The daintiness of lace and toughness of leather has been a classic fashion collaboration since the beginning of time.There's something about the contrast between these fabrics that sends a "I'm sweet but I'll kick your ass" kind of message I desire my wardrobe to say all the time.These two fabrics tend to gravitate to one another and why not, opposites attract don't they?

Faux Leather and Lace

We've wintessed the little lace dress wrapped in an armor of faux leather before, I decided to share it's reincarnation with you all.In the two looks below I like to consider them more, sophisticated and mature.In the first look, the lace serves as more sex appeal than sweet and the jacket in its vanilla splendor is what adds the softness to this look.

In the second look, it's all about business and being a boss.That faux leather pencil skirt demands power while the subdued nature of the lace top offers up some balance.

Is leather and lace a look that you'd consider classic?Let me know in the comment section what mindset does these two textures take you to?

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