There are some classic trends and prints that get looked over because at this point, everything to do with this particular trend has been done. We wander away from the classics from time to time, not out of disrespect but in search of new creative material. What we don't acknowledge is that it takes great creative concentration to make a classic appear modern, fresh and new. So we decided to incorporate a spot light for classic trends in an attempt to exercise our style skills and stretch our wardrobes as a result. Today we put our spot light on the tried and true print, stripes!

Stripes aren't only for characters like "Where's Waldo"?. We love stripes for their versatility, they are outrageously easy to style and frankly its hard to look bad in them. Often we look at stripes and worry about looking wide, but I'm pretty sure that train of thought has been bashed by the strong hand of fashion freedom, am I right? So today, we're going to have a little fun and style these stripes.

Versatile Much?

Versatile Much? by deejaystyles featuring a chunky chain necklace

Stripes can be easily, dressed up and down and used as the canvas for something creative and great. Stripes have serves as a classic print to experiment with and for that we're giving it a spotlight. What print do you think deserves a moment of recognition? Let me know in the comment section if you believe stripes deserve all of this hype.

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