Fashion Quotes Explained!

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself".-Oscar de la Renta. The amazing Oscar de la Renta dropped golden advice when he stated the difference between fashion and style. You may have gone a lifetime believing that fashion and style are synonymous, but believe it or not they aren't.

A designer creates pieces and items for a collection like any other artist develops a showcase, the only difference is that art gets hung up in households and fashion pieces get worn.Personally, I've always considered fashion the product of artistic expression, and the way that artistic expression is used is style.

We get served fashion, every single day. We see fashion all the time whether on TV, the sidewalk or the catwalk, but it's the way things are put together that defines style.The way in which certain pieces are placed to collaborate a specific message, that's what we consider style and the pieces that act as instruments for the message that's fashion. How do you determine the difference between fashion and style? Let us know in the comments just how do you determine the difference between the two.